Social Media: From Distraction to Tool, Ignore It at Your Own Risk

Saturday, July 22, 2023

2023 has been the most transformative year for technology. As a child, I often wondered, "How old will I be when the world has holograms and robots?”

We're getting closer to a futuristic world. In 2023, we may not have robots and holograms, but we do have AI and VR (Virtual Reality).

AI has already revolutionized the way we work and has completely shifted the trajectory of the economy in an unexpected way.

Virtual Reality And The Rise Of The Metaverse

Beyond AI, virtual reality threatens to change the way everything works in the future with the concept of the metaverse: a new society, a unique version of reality that is entirely digital.

Currently, we still exist in a hybrid world where much of our professional lives and social interactions can still take place in real life. Yet, the internet and social media allow us to decide how much of our time is spent in the physical world versus online.

The Metaverse and Social Media

The more I contemplate the future of the VR metaverse, the more I realize that we already have a version of the metaverse through social media.

These platforms allow individuals like me to make a living entirely online, despite geographical boundaries.

I live in a Spanish-speaking country, far from any of my English-speaking customers. Social media and the internet have allowed me to create a business that would not have been possible in my location.

The Risk Of Rejecting Social Media

Those who completely reject social media are missing out on a new economy and will be left behind in the upcoming VR metaverse.

I believe that rejecting social media is a privilege. It is reserved only for those who have already achieved financial freedom. It can also be an option for those who no longer pursue higher financial ambitions.

For the rest of us, participating in this digital society is crucial if we wish to make a good living.

Whether you're looking for a job or you want to run your own business, social media is the ultimate tool for any form of networking.

A Tool For Creation And Education

Social media unfortunately still has many pitfalls that can lead to a corrupted mind and a wasted life.

However, the value of social media is entirely dependent on how you use it.

If we use it merely to entertain and numb our minds, it becomes a detrimental space.

On the other hand, if we use it for self-education and content creation, it can provide exceptional opportunities, including the potential to make a full-time living from it by exploring our interests.

Beyond Social Media

I believe in the potential of any intelligent individual to use social media to earn a living from their passions.

Starting your own business through social media is totally possible, and more achievable than you think.

However, there’s a massive risk in tying your whole livelihood to these massive companies.

This is why, even though I use Twitter and YouTube to reach my audience, I’ve finally started putting more focus on taking them into my email list, where I have more control over my audience.

That way, if my accounts get deleted or a social media platform changes completely overnight, I still have access to my audience, which is an incredible asset to own.

We don’t want to build a house on someone else’s property, but we do want to use that real estate to attract people to our world, where we can provide value and earn a living from that value exchange.

Are you interested in finally starting your one-person business? I can guide you through all the important details that will save you from years of trial and error. I'm excited to take you on this journey. If that sounds interesting you can find more information here.

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