Productivity’s Hidden Enemy: Throw Out This Bad Habit to Bring In Success

Saturday, June 17, 2023

As productive people, we have a disguised enemy that likes to hide in our weekends and is slowly ruining our success.

You guessed it, it’s alcohol. Before you roll your eyes, trust me: if you remove alcohol from your life, everything will change for you.

What Was It Like For Me When I Stopped

I decided to stop drinking completely three years ago, which finally enabled me to start a profitable business, build better friendships, and live a healthier lifestyle.

I had people asking me about my reasons for doing so in a variety of ways, ranging from supportive to sarcastic due to their own insecurities about their lack of discipline.

One of my favorite interactions was when someone sarcastically asked, "Why don't you drink? Are you allergic or something?" I replied, "Yes, like everyone else."

Another common question I get is: “Ohh, did you used to have a problem with alcohol?” It makes no sense to think that the only people who should quit alcohol are those with a serious addiction. Everyone experiences negative effects from alcohol, from casual drinkers to alcoholics.

Being Normal Is Dangerous

Society has normalized liquid poison too much, to the point that the stranger behavior is to avoid drinking it.

I used to drink on weekends, which, at the time, felt normal; however, this was constantly preventing me from the growth I needed, which I only found when I stopped drinking completely.

Why Does It Kill Your Success?

Time, energy, and ambition: these are the three very important things that alcohol steals from you. They also happen to be the three main resources you need to achieve any form of success.

Alcohol will not only make you unproductive, but it will kill all your dreams and ambitions. No matter how hardworking you are, alcohol will constantly hinder your progress.

There are no pros, only cons. Anything you consider a positive is an illusion; alcohol can only give you what it has taken away.

But It Helps Me Relax

This might be true to a certain extent. However, do you think you can find more meaningful ways to relax? You know the answer to this; it’s time to find a better hobby that will improve you.

What About My Social Life?

Let’s consider the most common argument: “Alcohol makes me feel more confident when I socialize.”

In reality, it’s alcohol itself that makes you socially awkward. Without realizing it, you have trained your brain to believe that you need alcohol to socialize. This belief has led you to the point where every time you socialize, you drink. Therefore, now you are afraid to socialize without drinking, because you no longer know what it’s like. And you are now afraid to even try, because what if you don’t know what to do?

It’s time to face the truth: you need to improve your social skills; you’ll be better for it.

Alcohol doesn’t make you more confident; rather, it temporarily lets you borrow your confidence back while you drink, taking it away afterward.

What About My Friends?

If your social circle requires alcohol to maintain your friendships, you simply need a better social circle.

When I stopped drinking, I realized there were some people in my life who weren’t even my friends. We just had alcohol as a common friend. Once I was no longer friends with alcohol, those friendships vanished, and it was for the best.

Imagine the types of better friendships you can build if you actually share values, beliefs, and passions. It’s definitely harder, but so much more meaningful.

Time To Take Action

Like many others, you've probably been saying that alcohol is fine and not a problem because you can stop at any time. Well, this is your time; this is your test. Prove to yourself that you have the discipline to stop today.

Why Balance Doesn't Work

I know you are now thinking, you can find some healthier balance. Balance is an advanced concept that can only come after you know both sides. So far, you only know what it's like to drink. You need to know what it's like to never drink, only then can you find balance. Don't fool yourself by thinking you can find balance if you only know one end of the spectrum.

I promise that implementing this advice will be worth it. If you decide to take action, feel free to reach out. I am happy to help in any way I can.

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