The Productive Pursuit of Multiple Passions

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Today I'll share my personal story as well as my ambition to gain financial freedom by building a career around my passions.

There is a study that predicts that by 2030, AI automation could eliminate the need for 800 million jobs worldwide. That’s nearly a third of the global workforce.

The era of 9-5 jobs is coming to an end. If you feel unfulfilled going to your job each day, I want to inspire you to consider what’s possible.

Before I started my own business, I had only been officially employed for short periods of time. However, seeing all the melancholic faces during my commute to these jobs evoked some of the saddest feelings imaginable. Since then, I have always had a severe case of “nine-to-five-phobia.”

If you feel hesitant about starting your own personal business, I highly recommend that you first watch this video I made on: ​Surviving the AI revolution through entrepreneurship.​

With that said, I hope you enjoy:

Passion for Multiple Interests

I have always been a polymath, a Jack of All Trades, or what I like to call a “​Davincist​”. I am passionate about several interests that seem unrelated and unconventional, ranging from productivity systems, entrepreneurship, language learning, philosophy, card magic, Rubik’s Cube, and more.

From School to Entrepreneurship

When I was in school, I enjoyed all of my hobbies and discovered new ones. There wasn’t any pressure to make money back then. However, once I finished my studies, I didn’t know if I could continue being a Davincist and pursue my various passions.

I started working as a freelancer at first, but then managed to transition into making a full-time living creating productivity courses and YouTube videos through my own personal business.

Escaping The Norm and The Pursue for More

For the past couple of years, I’ve had enough free time to pursue some of my hobbies, but in all honesty, I wasn’t very ambitious when I first started my business.

I was comfortable with the level of income I was making, especially considering the low cost of living here in Ecuador, South America. Above all, my goal was always to avoid the 9-5 lifestyle at all costs.

Setting Higher Goals

In the past year, everything has changed for me. I now have much higher ambitions. My goal is to achieve financial freedom at a young age and become a provider for my entire family. I aspire to attain a level of wealth that will enable me to move my family out of this third-world country to a place where my parents and future family can finally feel safe.

To achieve this, I need to take my business to the next level, and I need to develop a long-term strategy.

Rethinking Specialization

As a content creator the common advice is to specialize in a profitable niche, I’ve never been a fan of that approach. Now, I finally believe there’s a better way.

“Specialization is for ants.” - Robert Heinlein

Part of why I hate the idea of a 9-5 job is that it would force me to specialize. As a Davincist, I want to pursue my multiple passions and learn as much as I can from various fields.

I aim to improve myself and help others by sharing my journey towards personal growth in various aspects of life.

The True Freedom of The Creator Economy

I have wanted to become an online creator since I was 14. At that time, I only wanted to be a YouTuber. Recently, it has been more about taking entrepreneurship seriously, and YouTube is just one of the ways to reach the people I want to help through productivity, entrepreneurship, and philosophy.

To me, making a living by creating online content is the best business path, and its beauty is completely destroyed if you feel forced to specialize.

This is why the common advice to “niche down” as a content creator can still feel like as much of a prison as a 9-5 job.

Breaking Out of the Niche

The beauty of online business is that you can make it whatever you want. There are no rules, only best practices. Much of what you want to achieve has already been accomplished by someone else. It’s all about finding the right role models and piecing things together.

I recently read a random comment on YouTube that said something along the lines of: “You can’t compete for mass attention. But to be that expert in a niche like Gluten-free vegan baking for diabetics is totally accessible”

Even though a niche can be useful to get started, there’s no way it can be a sustainable life choice unless you want to remain specialized and completely single-minded. But we are all multifaceted humans. Which is why the full niche approach seems to me like a short-term game.

Embracing The Multi-Niche Approach

Focusing on a specific niche can definitely accelerate audience-building at first. When someone stumbles upon your profile, they’ll immediately say, “Ahh, that’s the ‘Underwater basket weaving guy.’ I’ll give them a follow since that’s my current hobby.” But once they are no longer interested in your niche, they’ll completely forget about you.

By sharing some of your different interests, as well as your personality and unique perspectives, you can still target certain niches and monetize them. However, by being authentic, you are more likely to retain your followers once they lose interest in a niche.

The authentic multi-niche route definitely takes longer, but it seems to be a better long-term approach.

The Eternal Markets

I’ve learned that a successful business needs to target one of the three eternal markets: money, health, or relationships.

A well-rounded individual needs these three areas to achieve fulfillment, and different aspects may be more important at different stages in life.

People aren’t interested in a niche; they are interested in how that niche can help them achieve a better life experience. It’s not as much about the interests you share with your audience, but more about how you can help them improve their lives through financial gain, improved health, or better relationships.

This is why being authentic on the internet works. The multi-niche approach is more humane, which is a legitimate way to survive the competition, especially during the AI revolution.

“You can escape competition through authenticity when you realize that no one can compete with you on being you.

That would have been useless advice pre-internet. Post-internet, you can turn that into a career.” - Naval

The Journey Ahead

I want to pursue the freedom to explore any interests while becoming a better thinker. This is the path I want to follow, and I want my ambitions to align with this direction.

I’m still in pursuit of the path I seek, but I feel very fortunate to already be at the level where I’ve been able to make a full-time living from my online business for the past years.

If you want to learn the lessons that have taken me years to learn, I’m putting together a course on how to start your own personal brand.

My hope is to shave years off your journey and teach you everything I’ve learned that has gotten me to where I am so far, and how to monetize your passions.

I feel passionate about sharing what I’ve learned because I can’t imagine a better life than the path of freedom we pursue, and I want to take you with me on this incredible journey.

You can learn more about my ​Solopreneurship course here!​

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