Note-taking The 80/20 For Busy Professionals

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Powerful note-taking tools are great, but they require an extra level of commitment to reap their benefits. I make a full-time living teaching people how to use my favorite note-taking apps, but there’s a question that has been troubling me:

How can busy professionals benefit from advanced note-taking systems if they don’t have the time to learn advanced apps?


Some of the best apps are often the most time-consuming to learn. As a result, busy people end up using basic apps like Apple Notes. I used to look down on this, but now I understand the appeal: simplicity.

With these basic tools, there’s no friction, they just open the app and write down their ideas. However, this leaves people in a place where they barely benefit from writing things down.

The key question we need to ask is: “How can I find this idea later when I need it?”

We make the mistake of thinking that writing down an idea is enough, but we need a system to find it in the future. Without it, ideas go to waste.


What I want to figure out is: How can I teach a simple system that works based on the 80/20 principle, where 20% of our effort can get us 80% of the rewards?

The answer is in AI. With AI, we can develop workflows that are as frictionless as Apple Notes while still having great discoverability.

AI can help busy professionals find what they need in their notes without spending too much time organizing them.

Into A Better Workflow

With our current technology, we are in a transitional period. Although AI cannot help us organize all of our notes, it can still do a lot. My goal is to use the latest technology to help you develop a note-taking system that is as efficient as possible.

Imagine talking in a chat to your notes, and the app doing most of the organization for you. This is what I want to teach.

If your are curious to know what's the current app I use to achieve this low effort efficiency, you can find out here.

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